February 27, 2009

True Responsibility

Regardless of who you are, what your job title or pay grade is, or where you live, the fact of the matter is, people need you to be responsible. Most people realize and accept this. They want to be responsible, and they want to do the right thing.

However, most people have a misunderstanding about what it really means to be truly responsible.

You have been given the gift of a creative mind. Some may argue that they cannot paint, or create great works of prose, or develop really cool applications that are going to revolutionize the world. I'll agree, some people cannot paint or do any of the things that were mentioned, however, anyone can be creative. And everyone has a responsibility to exercise the creative muscles.

People have bought into the misconception that responsibility means accepting things the way that they are. People somehow believe that the way things are now is how they will always be. Accepting this mindset will ensure that things will not be the same as they are now. Why? Because this supports and maintain the system of the status quo. The system of the status quo is crumbling. Continuing to do things the way that they have always done, simply because that is always the way that they have been done, is not indicative of accepting responsibility.

Be creative with the challenges and issues that are preventing you, your organization, or even your family from embodying the image of the design that they have been creatively built with. You have a responsibility and obligation to creatively make use of the strengths and talents that you have been wired with every single day.

If you need any help unwrapping this more, let me know. I am passionate about helping individuals and organizations to identify creative ways that they can make full use of the opportunities, resources, strengths, and talents that are uniquely their own!

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