February 16, 2009

Are You Still Dancing?

This afternoon as I was walking through the mall with my daughter, my son, and my wife, I saw a young child dancing joyfully. Typically, I would think nothing of this. As a father of three, I too have seen my children break out into random song and dance in public. For me, seeing kids doing "crazy" things is as common and ordinary as eating is to others.

However, as we walked by, I overheard the child's mother tell her daughter to stop dancing. For whatever reason, I actually began to think about the message that the mother was delivering to her daughter. I too have told my daughter and son to stop dancing in public, or to stop singing, or to stop bothering people. However, they are living out what is in their heart.

This started me to thinking; are we doing what is flowing from the depths of our heart, or are we repressing it? Are we teaching our children that in order to function and live in this society they need to push down the joy and hide it under a veil of propriety?

At some point, adults have bought into the lie that it is unacceptable to dance in public. Or to sing. Or to do stuff that is completely crazy.

Are you willing to dance again? Are you willing to allow the joy in your heart to bubble out into your work, and into the lives of those that are around you? It is time to join the dance again. It is time to sing again. It is time to be fully alive!

The world is desperately in need of people and organizations that are willing to drop the facade and embrace the joy that they have in their hearts! Answer the call of your heart and let your creativity and innovation flow for the world to see.

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