February 02, 2009

Action is Requisite

People all over the place are doing some pretty awesome and audacious things right now. In spite of the downturn of the economy, they are deciding to keep moving forward. Some are even looking at this as an opportunity to do something that they have always wanted to do.

The cost to start a business has never been lower. Of course, the risk of failing is more substantial now too.

I've always heard that with great risk, there can come great reward. With minimal risk, there is minimal reward. I tend to think of it this way.

With great risk comes great responsibility and tremendous levels of action, which can result in great reward. When you take the path of minimal risk, you are typically taking the path that is less responsible even though it may require tremendous levels of action, and the rewards are for the most part minimal. That is, if you want to live and breath the mission that you have been designed to complete.

You have an obligation and responsibility to take risk, meet fear head on, and do the work that you have been custom cut for.

The people that are doing great things right now have something in common.

They know the burden that they have. They have endured the fatigue that comes from sleepless nights where all you can do is lie there staring at the ceiling with the knowledge that there are people hurting as a result of their inaction. They have become frustrated with that idea that seems to come back to them again and again, regardless of what they try to do to extinguish it. Even the crazy ideas seem to prevail against their attempts to thwart them. So they have decided to own up to the responsibility that they have, and have started to put feet to the mission that belongs to them.

They are doing. Doing implies action. If your simply thinking, your not doing. If your restless, your not doing. If your repressing ideas because they are too big, or too crazy, or too difficult, your not doing.

Anything that you feel compelled to do and cannot push away, you must do. You must begin. Stop coming up with excuses. Stop pushing away that which keeps coming back to you.

There might just be something in it that you need to act on.

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