March 02, 2009

Intermingled Composition

A great composer can produce astonishing and vibrant works that can stir emotion in even the coldest of human hearts. The composer is essentially telling a story.

Sometimes, the music that we hear is sad, but then, someone picks up the tune, and injects their own story into it. And before you know it, the whole song has been transformed. What was once sad and dark is now filled with light and life. Passion and energy take over, and the message being conveyed is completely changed.

The stories that we tell are no less different than the stories that a composer or author skillfully arranges. The stories of our lives have beginnings, middles, and ends. How we allow others to change the context of our story is of course a decision that we must make on our own.

Regardless of the tempo of the story you are telling, you can choose who will have influence of injecting pieces into your story. The real beauty is found when two or more stories can come together in a beautiful masterpiece, where it is not recognizable that the intent of the message was divergent.

The two become one, in a matter of speaking.

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