February 24, 2009

Creative Emergency!

We take things way to seriously!

Sure, there are serious problems all around us. That pile of debt that we are facing as a country is pretty audacious. Those credit card, car loan, and student loan balances that you have are definitely quite significant. Your health isn't doing so great, you are faced with challenges with your children and your family.

Truly, there is a lot to be concerned about.

However, what if we approached these concerns like a child might? What if we were able to look at these issues, and even all of the things that are around us, and use them as the fodder for achieving some of the greatest things that anyone could ever dream possible. Imagine the stories that you would be able to tell!

When we tell our story the way that it needs to be told. We can sing, even if we have no voice. We can climb, even when we have no strength. We can ride the range, correcting the wrongs that we see. Yes, we do need to face our problems eventually, but wrapping them in a story can help us to identify innovative ways to overcome challenges that appear to be bigger than we could possibly overcome.

Have some fun again! It is really okay to do this! Paint, write, talk with your friends about what could be! Become an artist again! If we could all just be 1% more imaginative and less concerned about reality, we might find that a great deal of our problems kind of get resolved as a result.

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