February 20, 2009

Do You Need More?

If we had more money, then we could provide products that our customers would really find useful. If finances were unlimited, we could reach out to people with our ministry like never before. If we had more people available to complete list of projects we have before us, then we would be able to get a lot more done.

The misconception seems to be that if we had more, we would be able to do more.

The question really is what are you doing with what little you already have? Are you putting the resources that you have to work everyday, making use of everything that you have available? Are you digging deep despite adversity, creatively approaching the challenges that you face, or are you simply thinking about what could be if you had more?

Make no mistake, if you aren't providing the best products that you can with what you already have, if you are not out in front of your tribe leading them passionately with what you have been entrusted with, you certainly are not going to be able to do it any better with more. More money, time, or power is not going to equate to better products, or reaching more people, or even getting more done.

Those that are able to provide the best, most imaginative, and incredibly crazy innovations with what they already have will find that they gain more, and they will be faced with abundance. However, those that are sitting idly by waiting for more to be given before they are ready to make a difference will find themselves always coming up short, frustrated, angry, and eventually, completely bankrupt.

Stop whining and waiting for someone to give you more before you can begin to make a difference. Instead, make use of what you have been given today, and you will find that you will be entrusted with more tomorrow.

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