February 10, 2009

Correct it, or it will be corrected for you

People want to have a chance to be a part of something creative, fun, and innovative. They want to be able to contribute to things that are bigger than what we know today, and genuinely want to have the opportunity to use the talents and strengths that they have been inherently gifted with.

That being said, why do we so often allow tight controls and systems to override this core of who we are? Let's face it, we have done a great job of organizing our work into silos that constantly oppose creativity and innovation.

Someone mentioned the other day that all of the processes of the 1950s have been automated already. The point that this individual was making is that now, we need innovation. Unfortunately, we have done such a great job of quieting and discouraging innovation that we cannot see past what has already been built.

What you see in the economy now is not about the economy. It is about recapturing our human spirit again, and breathing real substance and life into what it is that we do every single day. We can give lip service to encouraging and rewarding innovation and creativity, but in the end, it does not benefit us unless we really mean it.

Unfortunately, there have been a lot of walls and barriers established that will take some knocking down. If we don't do it, the economy will certainly correct our mistakes on our behalf.

Time to get innovative and start making some real change. Let's do something big! Let's do something great!

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