December 16, 2008

So Focused That I Forgot To...

The other morning, I sat down to drink my coffee and write a bit before work. It was one of those sessions that come along when you least expect it, when you are in the midst of stress and chaos, with noise and distraction all around, and you struggle to hear yourself think. The words just seemed to flow from my fingers that morning. It was almost like I couldn't find the keys quickly enough to capture the train of thought that was carrying me on some journey to a destination that I always wanted to travel to, but never thought that I could afford the ticket. I hit a good stopping point, and looked up at the clock. Nearly thirty minutes had passed and I had not even thought of eating breakfast yet. Typically, my writing sessions are 10 -15 minutes long, with breakfast at some point during that period of time. However, the thought of eating did not even cross my mind. I was focused on being nourished in an entirely different, albeit just as important, way.

Have you ever found yourself so focused on something that you forget to do something that is a basic human need? Like eating? Maybe drinking? Sleeping? If the answer is yes, then you too have had the opportunity to glimpse into the life that is calling you into what you have been designed and created for. If your answer is no, then it is my hope that you will be divinely distracted to the point that food looses its flavor, that sleeping makes you uneasy, and that you find yourself so lost in what you are doing that you lose track of time.

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