December 09, 2008

The Annual Survey

Yesterday, I received a survey, through email, from a software company. Apparently, I have been a customer for a year, and so it is now time for them to ask me to give them some feedback on my experience with them so far. I don't know why this bothers me so much, but it does. Sending an email at the mark of an annual subscription is not great customer service. In fact, this opposes great customer service.

It is far better to engage the customer throughout the year, understanding what it is that he or she needs and then providing for the needs of the customer rather than waiting to the end of the year. I have no context or relationship with this software manufacturer. I have no way of knowing that my concerns or opinion even count at all. Therefore, I am not going to answer this survey.

Engage your customers often. Provide and encourage your customers to work with other customers. Make sure that your customers are making the most of the products that you provide. When you do this, the sales of your product will explode, and your products will become more of what is actually needed.

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