December 02, 2008

Constructive Refinement

Implementing anything new and different is sure to meet adversity and challenge. In some regards, it is practically necessary for this conflict to exist. Without it, ideas and thoughts are not challenged, which builds the implementation plan on a foundation of soft, gooey, marshmallow fluff as opposed to real substance.

However, criticism must be constructive, if it is going to truly turn a good idea into a great actionable one. How does one ensure that her or his idea will be criticised constructively? The following are a couple of thoughts. Hopefully, someone smarter than me will look at this list and constructively refine it.
  1. Surround yourself with people that are not like you.
  2. Share your ideas with people that share a common vision.
  3. Avoid people that are negative for the sake of being negative.
  4. Listen, learn, read, teach, listen some more.
  5. Come up with ideas that appear to be unfeasible, and then allow them filter down to something manageable.
  6. Introduce the idea to a group of doers, and step back. Watch and see what happens.
  7. Do not put a filter on your ideas. Let them pour out with ferocity and intensity.
  8. Get started. Now.

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