December 15, 2008

Recruiting Leaders

Your mission is not as important to everyone as you might think that it is.

The trouble is, not many people understand or acknowledge that they have a mission of their own either. Find out what makes people come alive, that activity that they get so wrapped up in that hours go by, yet they don't even realize that time has elapsed. Find out what it is that stirs deeply passionate emotions in them. Help people to find out what their mission is, what they have been created to put everything on the line for, and then use that as a catalyst for the fulfillment of the mission that you have been designed for. In doing this, you will be gaining the most momentum for your cause, and will be ensuring that you are empowering new leaders with bold ideas, burdens, and passion to become committed to the cause that you are fighting for.

If you are not fighting for a cause, then why are you here? If you haven't yet identified who you are willing to sacrifice everything for, then I will would say that you probably haven't identified your mission yet.

Leaders are needed now. Step up, take some ground, become missional, and empower others.

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