March 19, 2009

Part of Your Story

We all want to be a part of a story that is meaningful.

That is why I choose to eat Clif bars as opposed to the other energy bars that are available on the shelves of supermarkets. No, I am not being compensated by this company. I do not own stock in this company, and I am certainly not receiving free energy bars!

However, they do have a story to tell, and principles that they believe in. Clif Bar & Company was born out of something practical and real. There is a story about why they started doing what they do, how they got started, and if you are willing to read more into it, where they want to go.

They buy into and practice that the product that they create is not simply something that they sell to consumers. They believe that they are creating a community that grows together that shares a common vision, goals, and great food.

Why do I eat them:

  1. Clif Bars taste good, and they are made with good, wholesome, natural ingredients. Most energy bars taste bad because they are full of unnecessary chemicals.
  2. They have a story that they are telling, and that they encourage other people to be a part of.
  3. They are anchored to something grander than simply selling me an energy bar. There is more to it than that. They have a mission, and they seek to make a positive contribution in this world every day. They understand responsibility, they accept responsibility, and they have fun doing so! This is outstanding!
Is there a story behind your products and services, or are you just trying to sell us something? Tell the story of why you are here, let people become a part of it, don't sell out your vision and mission, and you will gain respect and true fans.

Who knows? Maybe instead of your marketing team writing a blog about how great your products are, your customers may end up sneezing the story that you are inviting them to be a part of.

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