March 04, 2009

Possibly Creative

There is almost nothing that energizes me more than being surrounded by creative people! I love to hear people thinking out loud about different ways that things could be done, seeing challenges as mere fodder and opportunities for doing something great!

Being creative is fun, and while it does require a ton of brain power, discussion, and the ability to look foolish from time to time, it energizes me completely! Get a room of people together to solve a common problem without citing all of the limitations that we have established in the form of policies and procedures, and big problems can start to look trivial.

Conversely, there is nothing that drains me more than being surrounded by realists. It isn't that they don't necessarily want to do something great, they just have a different approach to getting there. Of course, I argue that if they cannot dream about what could be regardless of what they are faced with now, they don't have a very clear picture of where they are heading.

The world simply needs more possibility thinkers, or at least people who are willing to live past the fear of failure, and embrace all that they could creatively become!

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