August 23, 2011

An interview with the Resistance

I recently had the opportunity to interview the Resistance. It shared some interesting things about getting great work done and gave its thoughts on who you can blame the next time you feel you are unable to succeed.
"You cannot make it. Every force on heaven and earth is working against you.

That being said, you can blame anyone or anything.

Here are a few examples to help you get started.

Blame the president. (It doesn't matter which one.)
Blame the government. Any of them will do.
Blame your parents.
Blame the church.
Blame the neighbor's dog for keeping you up all night.
Blame society.
Blame your boss.
Blame the economy.
Blame your customers.
Blame your competition.
Blame your family.
Blame your friends.
Blame the cable company.
Blame your banker.
Blame your teachers.
Blame good.
Blame evil.
Blame the city you live in.
Blame the traffic.
Blame the haters.
Blame your fans.

Blame any external source you want.

You can even blame me.

But please, whatever you do, don't blame yourself. Blaming yourself might only lead you down the crooked path of thinking you can make remarkable things happen, and that you can actually make a difference. Action only leads to pain, but I can provide you with comforting words and lull you to sleep, if you will listen and blame others.

Trust me, once you start blaming, finding somewhere else to place the blame will become much easier. For now, don't worry, just blame. Don't work. Blame.

You can't make it anyway, so why even try? Just start putting the blame where it belongs."

So, who are you going to blame today?

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