August 30, 2011

For the love of what game?

I was talking with a friend a while ago about a funeral he recently attended. He was struck by how much the family and friends of the deceased commented on the man's love for the game of golf. At the funeral, his clubs surrounded him, his favorite golf visor was placed in his casket to be with him for eternity, and all of the conversations in the room were centered around golf.

He wasn't a professional golfer, just a regular guy who had a passion for the game. He lived and breathed golf. This is what his entire life story had become. The pursuit of the game of golf.

My friend made the observation that each of us must ask ourselves and those around us who we most love and care about what our own life story is all about. What would be the summary of our story? What would be the plot and central theme? Would it be a comedy, a tragedy, or simply boring? What stories would be shared?

If we are okay with the answers we hear, then we push forward and keep living life as we are. However, if the answer to the question is not one we are proud of, we should start making changes today to write the story of our life we want people to remember.

This is not about changing the perception of what we do. We can't fake it. In the end, all that will remain to speak for us will be the actions we took while we were alive. We can't spin the conversation once our time here is over, so why should we spin it now?

Live the story today as you want it to be told.

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