July 25, 2010

When a warrior returns...

This life goes quickly. Too quickly it oft seems.
One moment you are a child of hope,
the next an older man
with not but dashed and broken dreams.

What causes a man to cease pursuit,
of that dream that as a child took root?
What causes him to step no further,
and chase no longer with passion resolute?

The demons in his mind mock and jeer,
claiming he is less than worthy.
The warrior that stood once strong and proud
now lowly kneels with quiet tears.

He once was going to change everything.
What hope he had is now withered gray.
Who owns the blame for his undoing?
Will he ever overcome the bitter sting?

For so much more this man was made,
the Lord awaits his return to the fray.
For the enemy that haunts and torments
will once again feel his blade.

When this man awakens and the warrior heart
within his brokenness cries again,
No power shall dissuade or trouble
new strength found to play his part.

Where once a man broken fell, now stands strong again.
For his hope is not lost but found.
And his enemies shall laugh no more.
When the man accepts his mission.

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