July 11, 2010


If what you are doing today does not help you to be the best at creating your art, you owe it to yourself and to those looking to you for direction to stop.

Whether it is being the best family member, or writer, or broom pusher, you must understand that a divided focus will only prevent you from you being everything that you possibly can be.

The first step in doing this is to identify those things that you are doing that are not related to what you need to be the best at and stop doing them. Cut these things from your time budget relentlessly.

Next, start saying no. If someone asks you to do something that is not aligned with what you have been designed for, refuse to do it. Sure, there are times that you are going to need to attend an event or do something for others that is not directly related to your passion.

These are not the things that I am talking about. In fact, it is important that you still do things for others even if there is nothing in it for you. Keep in mind, the gifts and talents that you have been given are for the benefit of others, and not for your own selfish gain.

What I am talking about is getting rid of the routine time wasters that rob you of your potential. Ultimately, doing something routinely that does not make use of your unique gifts and talents benefits no one. Conversely, helping others by using the gifts that you have been given has tremendous mutual benefits.

Start making a difference by stopping. Now.

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