April 01, 2009

The power of micro-revolutions

Sometimes, it seems no matter how hard we work towards achieving the mission that we have been created for, forward progress appears to be non-existent. Regardless of how much energy or time we expend, it feels like the wheels are spinning. Occasionally, there are even moments that it feels as though we are making negative progress!

If you want to see the mission that you have been molded and designed to complete reach fruition, then you must be willing to put aside any personal gain that is not related to the reward found in seeing the mission fully embodied. While achieving missional success is your responsibility, you must understand that others have been formed to support and carry the mission forward.

This can be done through strategically cultivating and encouraging micro-revolutions in our organizations.

Micro revolutions are not revolutions that separate us from the mission and vision of the organization, they are revolutions that occur when members of the team buy into the mission and vision, and want to see it fulfilled. The key to this strategy being successful, is that you must be willing to let go of control, and allow others to carry the mission using the unique strengths, talents, experiences, and abilities that they can offer. This strategy allows the tribes within the organization to tactically organize and carry the mission and vision to levels that would not be attainable otherwise.

You can call it mutiny or and abandonment of the system of the hierarchy, but if you want to see an idea, vision, or mission ignite and spread with passion and intensity, it is best to encourage others to turn the tables and carry the your message. You must realize that your job is simply to provide the direction and communicate the mission, engaging people lead with a heart of action!

There are of course costs and benefits associated with this concept. Over the next several days, I will begin to unwrap this a bit more.

For now, be prepared to strike the match, get out of the way, and let the tribe build the raging fire!

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