October 11, 2011

Our little pumpkins

Each year, like most American families, we carve pumpkins in the month of October. In order to be a better steward, I started a compost pile about a year ago. That being said, I dumped the pumpkins into the compost after the holiday.

This summer, I noticed some interesting vines start to emerge from the compost pile. I then realized that they were in fact pumpkins!

Keep in mind, I didn't actively plant these pumpkin seeds. In fact, I thought I was through with the pumpkins. However, life finds a way. Even when through what we discard, life persists.

I found this interesting.

Just because a dream may appear to have died, it may sprout to life again at some point. Sometimes, it just takes us stepping back for a moment and letting the natural progression of things take root.


Kristin said...

Never give up hope. Your dreams are always waiting for you-it is a matter of time and a balancing act. As you said life happens and your dreams will take root!

Andrew Frank said...

Well said Kristin! Thanks for the encouraging words!

Yazan Ibrahim said...

I just loooooove dream pumpkins ;)