June 28, 2010

An argument for now.

Blaise Pascal warns that we should not live in times that are not our own. His thought is that while we think about yesterday or tomorrow, we completely miss out on all that needs our attention today.

Too often, I hear people talk about what could have been if they would have been born a few years later, or a few years earlier. "If only I had been born a few years earlier, I would have published my own book before the print industry went down the tubes." "If I would have been born a few years earlier, I would have secured a great record deal and would now be living off of the royalties the rest of my days." "If I would have been born a few years later, the technology to make my dreams come true would have been available and I would have created something really remarkable."

The encouraging truth is that now is the greatest time for you to do what you dream of, because you have been uniquely designed for now. It isn't daring to dream that is difficult. The challenge is in doing something to make the daring dream come true.

Do you want to write a book? Then check out the self-publishing options that are available. Do you want to captivate the world through your lyrical muse? Then record something and get it out there. Perhaps, you are somewhat uncomfortable with digital this and 2.0 that? That's okay too. With a little creativity, there are many low tech options at your disposal right now that will allow you to change your corner of the world.

Honestly, the time to impact the world has never been greater. Yet, I see people back off and avoid all that they could become because they don't believe that the time is right.

The time to do something remarkable will never be perfect or optimal, so why not at least try to do something now?

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